Aboriginal Coroboree

Aboriginal Corroboree on Monday 3 July at 11:00am

We would love you to join us on Monday 3rd for an Aboriginal corroboree. Koomurri Entertainment believes in sharing their aboriginal culture with everyone.  

A corroboree is an event where Australian first nations people interact with the Dreamtime through dance, music, and costume. Traditional aboriginal song and dance consisting of spiritual language song man, a didgeridoo master performing traditional aboriginal dance and song which tell stories. A mesmerizing indigenous performance that will totally captivate you and immerse you in Aboriginal culture.  

Paint a boomerang between 10am-2pm

Bring your kids along to experience the corroboree at 11 am and they can engage in a fun and educational art project by painting their own boomerang. 

Bookings are not required, it is on a first come first served basis, and stocks are limited.

The event is finished.