Whilst we are all in this together, we know that we are not all in the same boat, and its ok to need and ask for help!

Covid-19 continues to take a significant mental health toll on us, with increased stress, anxiety and depression in our communities we wanted to provide the community with information on the many services that are available to you through Sutherland Shire Council and many other organisations.



Check out Sutherland Shire Council’s Community Services Directory that includes a comprehensive list of services and information that may be able to assist you and/or your staff with access to health, employment, emergency relief and food, mental health, multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, aged care services, people with disability, support for carers, homelessness information and more.



Did you know Australians can use Medicare to talk to health practitioners about mental health during this time?

eMental Health in Practice have put together a directory and there are many services that are accessible through websites or apps and most of the services are free.

Some services link users to a practitioner and others are self-guided for people who prefer to work on their own. Click the below button to view the directory.


If you would like to make an appointment to see one of the medical staff at our medical centre, or arrange to have your vaccination, please click the below link.

We look forward to better days and wish you all health and happiness.

It takes a village.