Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

What does it actually look like?  It’s more than eating healthy and exercising (although these things are very important)!

Ask yourself, do I:

  1. Look after my emotional, mental and physical well being?
  2. Know how to balance my life when things feel out of control?
  3. Make time for myself?

Here’s some things you can do to look after yourself:

1. Bed Time Routine

Have a bed time routine that allows for at least 8 hours of sleep.  It’s the only time where your mind and body get a chance to recharge, process and learn.

2. Get Moving

Get moving! Go for a walk, run or do a gym class. Exercise is proven to release endorphins and make you happier. It also increases your energy levels.

3. Do something to make you smile

Do something fun that makes you smile everyday! Take time to relax and unwind, spend time with people that make you feel good about you and allow you to express yourself.

4. Eat healthy

Eat healthy foods (real food including fruit, vegetables and grains). Try to drink at a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, carrying a water bottle always helps reach this goal.

Limit (or avoid if you can), those nasty sugars, trans-fats and fake food because these are not your friend! They affect your body and your mind and can actually reduce your ability to cope and increase mood-swings.

If you find healthy eating a challenge, being time poor or many other reasons, consider introducing vitamins or whole food powders.

Kareela Community Pharmacy stock a range of vitamins to help you supplement nutrients that you might be missing.

Taking care of you will help you take care of others and be better in all aspects of your life and help you live a healthy, happy and balanced life.