Santa photos (and all sorts of holiday photos) are upon us and you know what that means: fun, festive photos to share with all your friends and family! However, making these magic moments happen isn’t so easy and sometimes the best photos are just not what you were hoping for!

Today’s smartphones do (almost) just as good a job as a pro shoot or complicated DSLR! With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on how to get that great festive family shot using your smartphone.

1. Dress for the occasion

As a general photography rule of thumb, choose neutral colours with no loud patterns that can be distracting. 

Also avoid red in Santa photos, since Santa is dressed in red and this can cause you to blend into the photo.  Try wearing something complimentary like white.

2. Clean your camera lense

Blurry photos can often occur because the lense is dirty or greasy from finger marks and dust, so take a moment to clean your lense with glasses cleaner and a soft cloth, or even your shirt (use soft material to avoid scratching the lense) and be amazed by the difference!

3. Activate the grid lines on your phone

Most smart phones have a grid lines function, which will allow you to better frame the photo.  Whilst editing photos is super easy, it does reduce the resolution and integrity of an image when you start cropping.

4. Avoid zooming in or using the flash

Zooming into a picture will reduce the resolution and clarity of your photo, so try to move closer instead of using your zoom and take your time. 

Smartphone flashes can be harsh so we suggest you avoid using them.  If you are shooting at night or in a darker setting, try using a phone’s ‘night’ mode.

5. Steady yourself

Ideally, a tripod is the best tool to use, but sometimes (or most times), this isn’t practical, so a simple hack is to tuck your elbows into the sides of your body, near your waist, and move your body to take the shot.  This should stop you moving slightly as you take the shot (who knew right??).

6. Portrait Mode – maybe yes, maybe no

Portrait mode (when the background blurs) works best when the area is well lit and when there aren’t a lot o subjects in the picture.  So, if you have multiple people in the photo, its probably best to stick with the standard picture mode.

7. Burst it!

Burst mode takes a series of fast shots, almost like you are filming as your hold down the shutter button.  This way, you are sure not to miss the split second when everyone is looking.  You then access your photo gallery and can choose which photo(s) you’d like to keep.

8. Why not get creative?

In this digital age, why not use some fun filters and programs to change it up and post your photo’s on social media or send them as a digital ‘e-card’ to friends and family.  Props are also a great way to make it fun and can be purchased from most department and variety stores.

We hope this has helped and would love to see your photos with Santa.  Check our event dates for when you will have the opportunity to take your own photo.

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Happy Clicking!